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This section will explain the origin of Wajima Lacquerware and its development in modern times.
We will show you how it is produced,which takes considerable time and effort.
You can look at beautiful Wajima Lacquerware in virtual 3-D with the use of QTVR.
We will proudly present great Wajima Lacquerware artists to you.
You can make your own lacquerware with your choice of colors and shapes.
We will show you the environment of Wajima, where Wajima Lacquerware was born and nurtured.
This section includes various other information, including questions and answers and glossary.
This presents you information about the present situations and new projects of Wajima Lacquerware craftsmen.
This is the only museum specializing in lacquerware in Japan. Master pieces from various historical periods are exhibited .
This section will show you the outline of the association and the scope of its operations, and it will also introduce the Wajima Lacquerware Hall.

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