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What is Kaga Okunizome?
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“Kaga Okunizome” refers to the unique dyeing techniques of the Kaga region in Ishikawa Prefecture handed down from the past.

During the Edo period, the samurai and townspeople of the Kaga region wore clothing and used items such as noren made by the artisans from local dyeing techniques. This unique style of dyeing came to be known as “Okunizome”.

The technique of okunizome gave birth to one of the Japanese traditional kimono known as Kaga Yuzen. The high artistic level of the traditional arts and crafts already present during the Edo period in the Kaga region was incorporated into the local okunizome and hence the dyeing process came to be known as “Kaga Okunizome” and gained popularity throughout Japan.

The characteristics of Kaga Okunizome Introducing some of the characteristics as seen in various items such as yogi (heavy quilt), noren (store curtain) and furoshiki (wrapping cloth).
The Kaga decorated family crest in detail Various ornaments such as colored flowers through yuzen dyeing are applied to the areas surrounding the traditional family crest. This style is unique to Kaga.
Plum Dyeing his method unique to the Kaga region uses the liquid dye made from the bark and roots of the plum (Japanese apricot) tree.
The Hanaoka collection This is a collection of over 20,000 items including kimono and old fabrics.