Kenrokuen Garden Picture Guide

Yukitsuri (Tree-protection Ropes)

Yukitsuri ropes are used to prevent the heavy, wet snow that falls in the Hokuriku region from breaking the branches of trees in Kenrokuen. There are various ways of attaching the ropes, according to the variety and shape of the tree.The most famous yukitsuri in Kenrokuen is that of the Karasaki pine. Long bamboo poles are erected near the center of the tree, and several strands of rope are lowered from the top and attached to the branches. In the case of the Karasaki pine, five 15-meter poles are erected, and from each one over one hundred strands - a total of 800 - are attached to the branches. The conical shape formed by the rope harmonizes perfectly with the shape of the branches, making the tree very striking. The Karasaki pine with snow falling softly around it creates a particularly beautiful winter scene.

The work of attaching Kenrokuen's yukitsuri ropes to the trees begins in early November and takes about one month to complete. The ropes are kept up until early March, when the snow melts.



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