Kenrokuen Garden Picture Guide

Karasaki Pine

This pine tree stands near Tsukimi Bridge, facing Kasumiga-ike Pond. There are about 560 pine trees in the garden, most of which are black pine and red pine. The Karasaki Pine is a black pine that grew from a seed that was ordered from Karasaki, a place by Lake Biwa that is famous for pines, by the 13th lord Nariyasu. It has splendid branches that spread wide over the ground, and with its cone-shaped "yukitsuri" (ropes to protect the branches from heavy snow), it is one of the most beautiful sights of Kenrokuen.

The pruning of the Karasaki Pine, done in August by five gardeners, is an annual event. The gardeners do not use pruning shears; they painstakingly remove the old needles from the previous year by hand one by one.