History of Kenrokuen Garden

Tsunanori period1643-1724 Completion of Renchi-tei Garden

Chitosedai Plateau

[ A blank of about 100 years ]

When Renchi-tei Garden was built on the slope across from Kanazawa Castle, there had been estates on Chitosedai Plateau for seven senior retainers since the time of Toshitsune. In 1696, Tsunanori provided alternative lands for the retainers, to which he had their estates moved. He also had plans to build a school for the clan and to expand Renchi Palace, but because of financial hardship, he passed away without having carried them out. For the following 100 years or so, until the rule of the 11th lord Harunaga, Chitosedai Plateau was vacant land.

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Renchi-tei Garden

[ Relocation of construction office to the former Edo-machi ]

In 1659, the fifth lord Tsunanori moved the clan's construction office from inside the castle to the site of the former Edo-machi. He summoned Goto Teijo, a metalworker from Kyoto, and set up a workshop there.

[ Completion of Renchi-tei Garden ]

In 1676, Tsunanori moved the construction office back into the castle. A secondary residence called Renchi Palace was built in the location, and the surrounding area was turned into a garden. This was Renchi-tei Garden the beginning of Kenrokuen.

In 1759, Renchi-tei Garden was destroyed by great fire. During the previous 80 years or so, successive lords and retainers had enjoyed banquets in the garden while admiring horses, maple leaves and the moon.

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Hand-washing basin made by Goto Teijo in the garden of Yugao-tei