Kanazawa and Kenrokuen

Kanazawa and Kenrokuen

Kanazawa started developing in the Edo period as a castle town of the wealthy Kaga domain.

Kanazawa Castle Park and the area of Kenrokuen Garden give us an idea of the city's past glory.

Kenrokuen was landscaped as the outer garden of Kanazawa Castle, and evolved from Renchi-tei Garden, which was created on the slope facing the castle by the fifth lord Maeda Tsunanori. The garden took on a form close to the one it has now about 180 years later, during the rule of the 13th lord Maeda Nariyasu.

Kenrokuen Garden has the typical features of a large treed garden with plentiful water landscaped in the go-around style, and has been designated as a national "special place of scenic beauty".

The vast garden has a rolling topography, and its ponds, meandering stream, waterfall, etc., as well as various types of trees, create a special beauty in every season.

Opening hours
Mar. 1 - Oct. 15 7:00 - 18:00
Oct. 16 - the last day of Feb. 8:00 - 16:30
Adult^300 JPYen Child^100 JPYen
*Group discount
*Shigure-tei tea service Green tea: 300 JPYen, Matcha green tea: 700 JPYen
Inquiries about Kenrokuen Garden to:
The Management Center for Kanazawa Castle & Kenrokuen Garden
1-1 Marunouchi, Kanazawa 920-0937
Tel: 076-234-3800