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OBA, Shogyo

OBA, Shogyo Photo
holder of important intangible cultural property (1982)

Photo:Yoshihiro Shinano

Born on March 15, 1916.
Born in Kanazawa City; real name, Oba Katsuo. After graduating from Ishikawa Prefectural Industrial School (departmant of design and painting), he went to Tokyo and became apprencticed to Matsuda Gonroku. He has been active as a maki-e craftsman in Kanazawa since 1945. Technical supervisor of lacquerware in restoring Chusonji Konjiki-do in 1964. Professor at Kanazawa College of Art in 1977. Purple Medal, 1978. Vice-president of the Japan Crafts Society, lacquerware department in 1986. Director of Ishikawa Prefectural Wajima Lacquerware Training Center in 1988. Lives in Kanazawa.

Quest for the hyomon techniques.
Oba Shogyo was born in the family of lacquer business which his grandfather started. After he learned kyu-shitsu of the family business from his father, he became apprenticed to Matsuda Gonroku for two years as a trainee from Kanazawa. After he returned to Kanazawa, he was engaged in making Ise-Jingu Shikinen-Sengu Goshinpo (mirror box and sword sheath) in 1952 and 1972, and restoring Chusonji Konjiki-do in 1964.

Oba became familiar with the old techniques of maki-e by restoring rich cultural properties, and started his quest for the techniques of hyomon. Hyomon is the method where you cut gold and silver plates into designs and attach them to vessels. Many surfaces of vessels to attach hyomon on are round and it is very difficult to do; however, Oba made the complex picturesque designs possible just with hyomon.

Recently, he is showing the changing form of all thing on earth includeing birds and flowers, and the loving light on them, in the elegant style using the techniques of hyomon, mother-of-pearl inlay and kawari-nuri.

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