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about "Digital Archives of Ishikawa Japan"
Concept for "Digital Archives of Ishikawa Japan"
The concept for the "Digital Archives of Ishikawa Japan" is to preserve, stock and hand down to our next generations Ishikawa`s irreplaceable cultural wealth in the form of digital data by making use of state of the art technology and coordinate it from today`s point of view.

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Welcome To Ishikawa Welcome to Pref.Ishikawa Toshiie & Matsu Restoration of Kanazawa Castle World Craft Encyclopedia World Craft Design Award

Traditional handcrafts of Ishikawa Hyakko-Hisho
Traditional Crafts in Noto(Living & Workign in the Country -Ancient Crafts-)
Washi,Cypress Work,Suzu Pottery,Noto Jofu,Turugi Cutlery
Wajima Lacquerware
History of Wajima Lacquerware,Creation of Wajima Lacquerware,Variety of Wajima Lacquerware,Wajima Lacquerware Artists,Wajima Lacquerware Factory
Chinkin - Ornamental Beauty Created by the Art of Carving
Basic Information on Chinkin,What is Chinkin?,Basic Processes,Support for Techniques,Glossary of Chinkin Terms
Kutani Porcelain
Introduction & Information,The Cradle of Kutani,Materials & Documents,History of Kutani,Chronological Change
Yamanaka Lacquerware
History,Manufacturing Process,The National Lacquerware Exhibition Prize Winning Warks,Members of Woodad Banboo Division of Japan Art
Kaga Yuzen
Kanazawa gold leaf
What is Kanazawa gold leaf?,Gold Leaf Production Processes,Q&A,History and people,Art Crafts with Gold Leaf
Kanazawa Lacquer Ware
What is the Kanazawa lacquerware?,Processes of making Kaga makie,Q&A,Historical masterpieces and their creators,Living national treasures
Ushikubi Tsumugi
History & Background,Future Prospects,Production Process,Representive Creation,Plants Used for Dyes
Kaga Embroidery
Embroidery in the History,Embroidery Techniques,Embroiderying Process,Representive Production,Future Prospects
Kaga Okunizome Dyeing - The Essence of Tradition Moving Forward -
What is Okunizome?,The History of Okunizome,The Artisan's Skill,Kimono and Living,Okunizome Video Files
Butsudan (Buddhist Altars)
What's Buddist Alters,Buddist alters in Ishikawa,a Fusion of Techniques,Manufacturing Process,Construction of alters
Traditional Crafts in Kaga
Ohi Pottery,Kaga Inlay,Tea Ceremony Kettle,Bronze Gongs,Kanazawa Interior Decoration

Culture - Beauty handed down from old times -

Outline of Hyakumangoku Culture
Ishikawa Now and then,Vibrancy of Ishikawa,Craftsmanship of Ishikawa,Entertainment of Ishikawa,Tresures of Ishikawa
Traditional Entertainment Arts
Noh Theater,Hohgaku and Buyou,Festivals,Musical Instruments
Forktales in Kaga / Noto
The Kiriko festival in Noto
Symphony No.7 Ishikawa Paraphrase
Symphony No.7 Ishikawa Paraphrase,The bitrh of Ishikawa Paraphrase,Talking about Ishikawa Paraphrase,World Premiere Digest


Glossary of Seasonal Dishes
Meet the Culture of Food in Ishikawa,Climate of Ishikawa,Culture Derived from the Sea,Hyakumangoku and Containers,Gozen and Garden
Kaleidoscope of Wagashi
Japan's Four Seasons Expressed by Wagashi,Celebration Days,A Calendar for Wagashi
The Story of the Kaga Tea Ceremony- The Legacy of Craft, the Hospitality of Beauty -
Sake-Making - Noto-touji -
Skill of Touji,Improvement of Touji's Skill,Transmmiting Skill,Fruits of Labor,Skill Expansion
The Miracle of Poison Removal Pickled Blowfish OvariesA Look at the Culture and Skills of Ishikawa
Fermentation and the Food Culture of Ishikawa Prefecture,What is fermentation?,Ishikawa Prefecture's fermented foods,Ovaries Pickled in Rice-bran Paste,About Blowfish


Life in Castle-town Kanazawa
Accomplishments,Clothes,Food,Houses,Photo Library
Living & Working in the Country
Living & Workign in the Country -Ancient Lives-,The Changing Seasons,The Shape of Rural Life,Rural Life in Feudal Times,Museums of Rural Life
Shirayama-no-ki(Life in Mt.Hakusan)
Life and Culture of Mountain Folk,A Virtual Experience of Mountain Folk Culture,The Storytellers of Mt.Hakusan,The Shirayama-no-ki Archives,Mt.Hakusan and the Villages of the Mountain Folk


Toshiie & Matsu
Timeline,Dictionary of People Connected with Toshiie,Map of Historical Sites
Hyakumangoku Art and History
The Story of a Future Sea Route
The Story of a Future Sea Route - Marine Culture Brought by Kitamae Ships -,Kitamae Ship's Journey
The Blue Corridor - The Sea of Japan and the Origins of Kaga and Noto -
History of an industrial sudden rise in Ishikawa - I.T.industry
History of the rapid industrial growth in Ishikawa,Chronology,Cast & Staff
History of Rapid Industrial Growth in Ishikawa - Machine Industry - The Genes of the City Ishikawa's Inherited Creative Spirit -
History of Machinery Industry,Kanazawa's industrial history,Kanazawa's machinery industry


Kanazawa Castle Reborn
Kanazawa Castle Simulated Walk,Reviving Kanazawa Castle,History of Kanazawa Castle,Kanazawa Castle Watching,Kanazawa Chatting Various Stories
Castle Town of Ishikawa - Old Maps and Pictures -
Navigation,Changing Castle Town,Old Life Style in Picture,Old and New Town Names,Discontinued Railroad Line
Kenrokuen A Chronicle of the Renowned Garden
Kanazawa and Kenrokuen,History of Kenrokuen Garden,The Four Teahouses,The Six Element Story,The Four Seasons of Kenrokuen Garden
The Tedori River Basin - Our Bond with Nature Through Hakusan's Water -
Electronic Book,The History of theTedori Basin,Glossary

A digital tool box - Leave it to the Shofu

Photo Library
Wajima Lacquer Ware,Kutani Porcelain,Kaga Yuzen,Ushikubi Tsumugi, Kaga Embroidery, Butsudan
Form of Ishikawa - Motion Capture Data of Local Traditional Entertainment Arts
Sound Archives of Ishikawa
Kenrokuen Photo Album


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